The Miracle Morning Book Review

Miracle Morning Book

I am trying to read more. Plus you’ll feel like an elitist; something about getting up at 5:00am when you could easily sleep in that makes you feel like you are kicking ass. Many of the books that I read will be related to small business and marketing (as it interests me) and so I… Read More →

Monthly Income Report – February 2015

Income Growth

Wow, March already.  Crazy.  Spring is almost here, it’s time to review the month of February for and my other online businesses. My first income report was published in January. February 2015 Recap I spent a lot of hours in front of the computer in February and accomplished a lot.  I will admit that I… Read More →

Fun on the Water in Bora Bora

Bora Bora

This is more of a personal post but I wanted to share it because it makes me happy (and causes me to long for summer).  It also inspires me to work hard so that I can continue to see and do amazing things. My wife and and I spent the month the month of January… Read More →

Why I switched from Thesis to Genesis

Thesis Box Upload

My blog was long overdue for makeover. It looked dated and there were a few other major issues. I had a terrible bounce rate It was not mobile friendly/responsive It looked dated I had been running Thesis for years and it had been great but I was due for a makeover which meant that I was going… Read More →