Complacency, It’s a Bitch

Cant Always Get What You Want

Cant Always Get What You Want

One of my favorite sayings is “complacency, it’s a bitch”. Complacency is something I constantly struggle with and I think it’s something that most struggle with.

Those that are extremely successful in business are not complacent. They constantly strive for more, they need more.

In my case – I want more but I struggle to keep myself motivated unless I need more. When my back is against the wall and I my income disappears, I work till the checks start rolling in (and they always seem to set new records) but once things stabilize I find it very easy to coast and just enjoy life.

For the first time in my life I feel motivated to launch more sites, build more businesses, and put myself in place to do what I want. I don’t know if it’s an age and maturity thing, the fact that I had a long break, or what it is –  but I know I like feeling this way. Let’s hope my drive doesn’t start to diminish tomorrow….

What do you do to ensure you keep your eyes on the prize?


  1. Jeff Adam says

    It’s all about the fear of not taking the risk to get what you want. Simply put I rather try something and fail then have the nagging feeling of “I didn’t even try”.

    You only get to live life once. Trying to push myself out of my comfort zone is what it is all about. It’s the thrill of the hunt and the unknowns that keep me motivated.

    You want it, then go get it. Step it up and make it happen. If not someone else WILL make it happen, and someone else WILL get it. Instead make sure it’s YOU.

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