He’s Back


Yo, I took a nice long (8 month break) from the Internet. It was awesome – I trained, rested, partied, frolicked in the sun at the beach, met great people, and spent time with my niece.

I’m back now.

Huge thanks to all the people (you know who you are) who reached out to me to make sure I was OK. I’ll come visit you all soon. Promise.




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    We missed your beautiful face Lyndon! I have felt like taking a break myself these days- I’ve definitely toned it down – but mainly because I have no time anymore. I should go on strike :)

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    I hear ya dude. I’ve been MIA for a while from a few social channels, but can’t help but have the itch to head back. Still, I’m trying to focus on things and get stuff launched as well. Always interested in what you’ve got on the go. Hope to see more in the upcoming days.

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