How to Successfully Run an Unsuccessful Facebook Campaign


Running a successful campaign can be tough, really tough and the margins can be very thin.  Let’s face it if it were easy we would all be rocking Black Amex cards.

Anyway if you are messing with Facebook Ads and having trouble running a profitable campaign you may want to look at dropping your CPC or CPM to a point where a campaign would be profitable and just sit on it.   Your ads will sit idle but when the inventory gets thin Facebook may throw a couple impressions their way and if you hit a decent CTR ratio they will run for a while.

I had dozens of campaigns I just sort of left, every once in while they’ll startup and I’ll get a surge of traffic, it can be slim margins but I’ll take it.

One note, if you are running obscure campaigns (that may disappear) or have uncomfortably high budgets you will want to keep a close eye on things.

Below is a screen shot that illustrates a campaign that had stalled but got a second life last week.  I was running the campaign a long time ago (probably two years ago) with some success but the clicks dried up (due to low CTR).  The clicks started rolling in again last week.  I made a couple hundred dollars and now the clicks are drying again.  Not mind-blowing or life altering but it also didn’t involve any extra work.  I’ll take it. And so would you.

Facebook Ads Stats

Facebook Ads Stats




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    You might want to look at what you’re targeting. If your ad is targeting the same demographic that another ad is, it won’t show up. Also, if the bid needs to be raised, changes are it doesn’t need to be raised to much, so it’s good to check daily (even several times a day) to make sure it isn’t stopped because of a mere $.05.

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    I never had much success with Facebook ads. Everyone I talk with mostly has the same story as you too. I personally don’t think it’s worth the hassle trying to find the sweet spot.

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      I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars messing with Facebook ads – mainly when they were new and eBay’ affiliate program was much more “awesome”. But what I can tell you is it was about 15 minutes of work for about 20K.

      It’s relative, get a working campaign and it’s worth the hassle 😉

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