Motivational Monday #13 – The Cash Register


Update: this weekend was crazy. I thought that I had hit the “Publish” button but I was wrong!  Thank you to those you that emailed and facebooked me to remind me.  Happy Humpday, use this one to remind yourself that you can start making money online as well!

It’s Sunday night and I am at the Winnipeg Jet’s (NHL Hockey) game on a date with my mom.  My phone has been making cash register sounds and notifications have been popping up indicating that I am making money all night long.  There is no such thing as truly passive income (I work on my websites when I have time) but the little notifications indicating I am getting paid while I am away from the computer always puts a smile on my face.

My mom was quite impressed and suggested I post about it here. And so, my Motivation Monday is to try and increase the frequency of  the “Cha-Ching” sound my phone makes.  Here are some screen shots I took showing some of the payments I received on Sunday night as well as other random deposits to my Canadian and USD bank accounts.

I am not an expert, not even close and I am certainly not special. This means that I can learn more and earn more and you can do the same.

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affiliate-payments paypal-march29-2015


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