Mama Reid Shotguns a Beer for Christa Watson


@ChristaWatson mentioned that she was disappointed that she wasn’t going to make it to Affiliate Summit West (ASW) even if it was only to catch up with her friends. And so I’ve been the devil on her shoulder insisting that she should just go.

In response to my original video post where I promised that I’d shotgun a beer on request at later date Christa and @Kristy insisted that my mom shotgun a beer with me. The deal was that Christa immediately would book a flight to ASW if we made it happen. It wasn’t easy but I convinced Mama Reid (as Christa refers to her).

One more thing – I still don’t know if I am going to get to go. I am in a contest over at for a pass, flight, hotel, $2000 to lay-down on one hand of black jack, and access to exclusive parties. Please vote for Lyndon so I can meet Christa in person :)

Enjoy the video (yep I am a nerd). Oh yeah, one more thing. This isn’t my normal behavior for a Sunday (nor is it my mothers :D)

Update: Final day of voting for a trip to ASW:Please Vote For Lyndon by Clicking Here.
It will take you no longer than 5 seconds. No registering or signing up required. Get me there with @ChristaWatson


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    Seriously!! I’m thinking Mama Reid needs to make an appearance at a conference. Perhaps PubCon Vegas. Just in case there are any ceremonies that need witnessing and all.
    Hey Kate — I’m thinking you and I should road trip to Winnipeg one of these days soon. Lyndon, Mama Reid, Lyndsay — I mean hey….that’s a lot of great reasons right there! Also I’m guessing this Grant character is pretty cool too 😉

  2. says

    Thats bad ass – What a kick ass family

    Also whats this IF you are going to go – if you win the contest or not you have to represent Canada in Vegas again at Affiliate Summit.

    2 more weeks!

    ,Michael Martin

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    @Kristy – pwahaha. ceremonies.

    @christa – we did it, see ya there :)

    @michael and @katemorris – she taught me everything i know about partying ;-).

    Girls, the door is always open but I am about 2000 miles from both of you might want to fly. I am going to throw a big shaker (party) in spring, that might be a good time to come down :)


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