Monthly Income Report – February 2015


Wow, March already.  Crazy.  Spring is almost here, it’s time to review the month of February for and my other online businesses.

My first income report was published in January.

February 2015 Recap

I spent a lot of hours in front of the computer in February and accomplished a lot.  I will admit that I also wasted a lot of time, I am working at reducing time waste and becoming as efficient as possible, but I am realistic and realize some habits are tough to break so I am taking it slow and not being too hard on myself.

Face Lift

The blog was due for a redesign.  I switched from the Thesis theme to the Genesis theme.  I did this with a couple of goals in mind:

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase page views
  • Modernize the design
  • Responsive/Mobile friendly design

Things are looking good so far.  I continue to tweak and make updates but overall I am happy.

I managed to decrease the bounce rate by about 7% (and the new design went live in mid February).  I am optimistic that the bounce rate will be even lower in March.  I attribute the reduced bounce rate to two things:

  • Teasing the income reports – they quickly became some of my most visited content. I expected this
  • Only showing post teases on the homepage. Visitors now need to quick a read more link to read the entire post.
Bounce Rate Reduction

Bounce Rate Reduction


I was targeting 8 posts in the month of February and achieved that goal.  Four of the posts were short motivational Monday posts.

I also composed an in-depth post that took many hours and talks about how I made over $100,000 off one of my sites.  This post will be published in March – so I am ahead of the curve for March.

Content development will become simpler as I continue to work on my portfolio of businesses as I am constantly learning and will have case studies to feature.

Case Study

I finally started planning out/working on an affiliate site that I will be launching for the sole purpose of documenting the successes and failures on this blog.  More on that towards the end of March or sometime in April.

Video Intro

I intend on doing a video series (related to the case study mentioned above).  I made the intro that will be used at the beginning my videos.  I will likely change my logo so I’ll have to update it but it’s quite easy. I’ll show you how to make something like in that March.


February saw 1,055 sessions with a duration of 1m32s and a page per session metric of 2.02.

The numbers are small but it’s still a very measurable difference over January so we are trending in the right direction. February 2015 Traffic Report February 2015 Traffic Report

Sessions Session Duration (ss) Page Views Pages Session Bounce Rate
Nov-14 257 49 605 1.69 84.4
Jan-15 591 84 1267 2.14 72.76
Feb-15 1066 92 2160 2.03 67.07
Improvement over Nov 14 314.79% 87.76% 257.02% 20.12% 20.53%
Improvement over Jan 15 80.37% 9.52% 70.48% -5.14% 7.82%


Much like January, Facebook was by far my largest referrer of traffic in February.  I have been sharing my posts on Facebook and few friends have shared my posts as well which has helped.  My site has experienced a steady reduction of search traffic for years (which is fair since it was more or less abandoned) but the reversal is starting. I attribute this to a number of things including posting regularly, making the website mobile friendly, and reducing the bounce rate.  I am excited to see what things look like at the end of March.

February 2015 Referrers

February 2015 Referrers

Most Popular Content

I didn’t expect a motivational monday post to come in at number 1 – the 8th post in the series received a few shares on Facebook put it in front of a lot of eyes.

I fully expected the earnings report to be a big hit and it was, coming in as the third most viewed page.  I will continue to add them and expect their popularity to grow especially as launch case studies and get more specific with regards to what is working.

Most Viewed Pages in February

Most Viewed Pages in February

Plans for March

Email List

I was planning on joining AWeber in February but it didn’t happen.  Hopefully in February.

Video Series

Start my video series/case study. As this progresses I expect it to be a driver a traffic.


Continue to become more active on social media.


Continue to grow traffic and build out other sites (some of which I will discuss on this blog). Income Report

Income 0
Sum Total 0
Hosting -$30
Genesis Theme -$99
Sum Total -$129
Total $-129

Other Properties

My revenue from my niche sites grew this month. I did spend a fair amount of time on them this month (at least 25 hours) so I am glad to see some growth in earnings.  I had a few rough days at the beginning of the February.

Direct Sales: 2286.89
Sum Total 2286.89
Various -504
Sum Total -504
Total $1782.06
Grand Total (All properties including $1654.06

Another decent month.  It’s kind of crazy that after expenses we are within 3 dollars of January. It’s worth noting that February is 3 days shorter than January and 3 days would have been worth about $244 in revenue based on my daily average in February.



  1. says

    I love reading income reports, thanks for posting this. I’ll be interested and following along to see the progress of your site and how it starts to perform. You have some other “direct sales” income on the report, is this from other niche or affiliate sites?

    • says

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks so much for the compliment. Yes the direct sales is from other niche sites. I will be talking about them in the coming months but am not quite ready to yet :)

      What are you working on? Let me know if I can help at all.


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