Monthly Income Report – March 2015


make-it-rainApril is upon us.  The past few weeks have been chaotic for me.  But all in all it has been great.

Let’s take a look at how the blog and my other businesses did in March and what I am working on now.

If you are a new visitor you can view my previous income reports here.

March 2015 Recap

March was an exciting month. We found out that we are expecting a baby.  It will be our first.  Needless to say we are very excited.  Please feel free to suggest names below.  So far the best I can come with is Lyndon, and Lyndina.

I wrote a few posts that were pretty popular in March and set traffic records again.  I also earned my first dollar from  Let’s jump in and take a look at things.

In late March/Early April I did launch a new website unrelated to  I just got the itch and ran with it.  It’s not ready to showcase yet but I have been documenting everything along the way so that I can break it down on when I am ready I have more time.


I wrote my targeted 8 posts for the month but I struggled to do it with everything else I had going on.  I did write a very detailed post that covered exactly how made over $100,000 with one of my web sites and it was very well received.  You will see the dramatic spike in traffic the day that post was published in screen shots below.


The blog made its first dollar(s) since I started posting regularly.  $0.32 was earned via Amazon’s affiliate program – yes you read that right – 32 cents

$34.98 USD was earned via studiopress (one of my visitors purchased the genesis theme).

I’ve talked about it before, but it’s kind of hilarious so I’ll mention it again.  I have probably spent a hundred hours on this site since December but getting that first sale and making that first $35.00 is still so exciting.  Sure it works out to 35 cents an hour but it sure made my day.

Of course, with any property, there is an upfront (and ongoing) investment of time and money but the objective to see dramatic growth in earnings.


I was able to smash February’s traffic numbers.  This was due to one detailed post that received a lot of traffic.

The one negative was that my bounce rate was a little higher.  This is due in to social media traffic giving that post a quick glance and then bouncing. March 2015 Traffic Report March 2015 Traffic Report

Sessions Session Duration (ss) Page Views Pages Session Bounce Rate
Nov-14 257 49 605 1.69 84.4
Jan-15 591 84 1267 2.14 72.76
Feb-15 1066 92 2160 2.03 67.07
Mar -15 1899 98 2981 1.57 75.6
Improvement over Nov 14 638.91% 100.00% 392.73% -7.10% 10.34%
Improvement over Feb 15 78.14% 6.52% 38.01% -22.66% -12.82%


Most visitors found the site via social (facebook) in March.  My organic search traffic and organic traffic doubled as well. Encouraging numbers.

March 2015 - Traffic Source

March 2015 – Traffic Source

Most Popular Content

My post about how I make money online from one of my web sites received 43.13 percent of page views.  The income reports continued to receive a fair amount of traffic and the Miracle Morning book review received a fair amount of traffic.   If you are not familiar, The Miracle Morning is a pretty popular book (especially in entrepreneur circles) right now which is why it was well received by my readers.

Top Pages - March 2015

Top Pages – March 2015 Income Report

Alright, let’s look at the numbers.

Income $35.30
Sum Total $35.30
Hosting -$30
Sum Total -$30
Total $5.30

Other Properties

My revenue from my niche sites were pretty stable.  I should be concentrating on growing them more.  I dream of days that are 48 hours long :)

Direct Sales: 2225.75
Affiliate: 19.28
Sum Total 2245.03
Various -467.95
Sum Total -467.95
Total $1777.08
Grand Total (All properties including $1782.38

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