Motivational Monday 11 – Live Your Life With Passion


My beautiful wife Amanda has been selecting the content for Motivational Monday for the past few weeks. This is great because she often chooses videos that I might not have. It is also great because I don’t look at the videos until Monday Morning, so I get to start my week with a motivational video I have not seen.

Today’s video is compilation of thoughts and speeches. The idea of getting up and working towards the life you want NOW resonates with me as I have been making some changes in that regard; I have recently implemented a morning routine based on the Miracle Morning that involves rising early (5:00am) and starting my day with some personal development and then working on my websites.

The truth is, I find it hard to get out of bed, but once I am out I feel excited and productive. There is something about getting more work done by 8:00am then I used to in a day (or even a week).

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