Quick Recap of Pubcon Dallas


So, I ended up making it to Pubcon Dallas.  What a great week.  I always have tonso fun at Pubcon and this was no exception.

Dinner at Pubcon Dallas

Dinner at Pubcon Dallas

For those of you who have not been to a “PubCon South” it is a smaller more intimate show than “PubCon Las Vegas”.  I appreciate both for what they offer – the Vegas show offers thousands of people and complete chaos at parties.  Everyone knows I love to party, so this works well for me.  South on the other hand offers an intimate feeling and the opportunity to meet new people and spend more time with them.  Don’t get me wrong, we still party hard though. At South I was able to meet and develop relationships with several people, some of who will likely be longtime online and offline friends.  I am already anxious for Pubcon Vegas just to reconnect.

With fear of sounding repetitive I am not going to do a day by day recap.  The conference involved great sessions, great networking, great meals with great people, dozens and dozens of hours at the Fox and Hound, a party put on DFWSEM at Humperdinks, and finally lots and lots of laughs.

I took a thousand plus pictures and hope to have them posted in the next day or two.  Watch the blog J

If you were there and we met make sure you tweet, text, or email me.  If we didn’t meet, I am sorry, and let’s get in touch now.

I love you all.  A lot!



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