The Miracle Morning Book Review


I am trying to read more.

Plus you’ll feel like an elitist; something about getting up at 5:00am when you could easily sleep in that makes you feel like you are kicking ass.

Many of the books that I read will be related to small business and marketing (as it interests me) and so I decided that I will provide a brutally honest review and a terribly short summary of them.

The summaries will be less than 200 words so if you are busy you’ll be able to learn everything you would have by reading a 200 page book in 20 seconds! I spoil you!

Miracle Morning Book

Miracle Morning Book

The Miracle Morning

I literally finished The Miracle Morning at 5:45am. I instituted the practices preached in this book prior to finishing.

What will you learn?

  • The time to take action is now. Not tomorrow, not on Monday, not New Years Day as part of a resolution, but Right Freaking Now!
  • You need to develop yourself. If you want to achieve great things you need to make you great!
  • You should be excited to get out of bed, not dreading the idea of waking up. You should feel like a kid on Christmas every-damn-day.
  • There is no reason you can’t have it all – you can be a “10” in income, personal relationships, health/fitness, and everything else that is important to you, if take action.
  • You will be excited to wake up in the morning if you get up early and spend an hour on yourself in the morning.

The Good

  • It’s an easy read
  • The changes in your life will be dramatic if you practice the Miracle Morning
  • Parts are quite motivating
  • It lays everything out and makes it easy to follow
  • Hal Elrod’s (author) story and attitude is inspiring

The Bad

  • I didn’t think it was particularly well written (though that doesn’t matter)
  • It’s not rocket science (we all know we should get up early and we all know we should invest in ourselves)

200 Word Book Summary

You should wake up at 5:00 every day of the week and do the following:

  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • 10 minutes of affirmations
  • 10 minutes of journalling
  • 10 minutes of exercise
  • 10 minutes of reading
  • 10 minutes of visualization

You’ll be happier and more productive. You’ll accomplish more. You’ll actual enjoy it. You’ll achieve higher levels of success.

The Verdict

5 Stars – we have a strong buy and read rating here.

We all have 24 hours in the day. This book will teach you how to start your day on the right foot. You’ll take care of things (self-development) that you have always put off.
Plus you’ll feel like an elitist; there is something about getting up at 5:00am when you could easily sleep in that makes you feel like you are kicking ass. And you are, from 6-8 you’ll likely be working on a project that is important to you. By the time 9:00 strikes and the rest of society is sitting down to start the day you’ll have accomplished 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted self development and project work, more than they’ll get done all day (or week). Go get the book and then rise and grind.

If you can’t afford The Miracle Morning, just get up at 5:00, spend an hour on you, and then work!

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