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Hey Kids,

I am looking for a junior SEO/Online Marketer who wants to mess around with a site of mine.  Here is the short version of the story – it has made over $100K in the past 4-5 years but is down in the dumps due to letting a lack of maintenance, the site being down for a few days, Google updates and other crap a person who cared would never let happen.  The site is probably making $50-$100 per month right now.

Let's Split Some Cash
Here is the good news – if you want to mess with it, I will give you 50% of monthly profits.  It honestly would not be hard to get it back to $1000+ and take half of it.

The site is a simple affiliate web site, it is about 5 pages total, but there is an opportunity to add content/a blog.  With increased traffic supplemental monetization methods can be investigated. Basic SEO has not been applied to the Web site.

If you have time and want to mess around with the site email and tell me why you are totally awesome.  I don’t need your resume, they are so 90’s.

I’ll give you the URL etc. if we end up working together.

Thanks for your interest.




  1. Ian says

    Any luck finding your SEO partner yet?
    If not I would be very interested in speaking with you about your project.

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