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A couple of weeks I recommended looking at optimizing for Bing and mastering AdCenter.  The reasoning, I expect Bing to gain a lot of market share, it might not overtake Google but I’d bet the days of a 5-10% market share for Microsoft’s search platform are long gone.

Microsoft recently announced department of justice clearance for the Search Alliance.  What does this mean?  AdCenter will power YSM and Bing’s algorithms will power Yahoo search results.

Let’s take a look at the effect this will have – assuming no growth for Bing (Bing will grow):

Google has 66% of the market
Bing has 8% of the market
Yahoo has 17 % of the market

By the end of the year Bing will be able to offer you about 40% of the exposure that Google can!

I’ll say it again if you are PPC Ninja start playing with AdCenter, if you are a SEO start Optimizing for Yahoo, if you are smart just keep building quality products and you will be fine :).


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    Bing won’t power Yahoo search until late 2010 & the combined Ad management will be sent over to Microsoft adCenter around the same time….unless Ballmer has an update to that at SMX West.

    SEO doesnt really change regardless…especially if you r gearing it toward Yahoo whose engine is getting phased out 😉

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      Agreed – by late 2010 that’s near 40% of the exposure google can offer. Factor in some growth for Bing (when they become the default search engine for IE, Firefox, Safari) and win a a couple percent of people over by providing good results and it’s a market share worth targeting.

      As far as SEO goes – you know I know I only worry about the basics 😉 I call you when I have a specific SEO question :)

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    Curious to Bing’s share as mobile becomes a greater factor since the iPhone will most likely default w Bing by the iPhone 4.0 announcement all the while there will be 100+ Android phones in 2010 available w Google being the obvious default.

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      You are the phone expert, but market share, iPhone must dominate (for now)? Do you know where the market share is at?

      I am thinking andriod will step in because different manufacturers will start offering much cheaper phones. $600.00 for a phone is a lot of cash for the average person (who ends up losing or breaking their phone while on contract).

      On a side note I am dying for a Blackberry with a good browswer.

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    I’m really beginning to see some of the value in Bing. The features they announced at TED combined with some of the recent roll-outs have been phenomenal.

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